Curan Man

The Curan Man catheter for men is a water based lubricating gel catheter and therefore ready to use, extremely user-friendly and leakage free. With the optimum catheter length of 30 cm a complete bladder emptying is guaranteed. The Curan Man has polished eyelets which enable a comfortable insertion and prevent irritation of the urethral mucosa.

The male catheters are fitted additionally with the unique Blue Grip® insertion tool. This tool enables an easy handling for the user and additionally, because of the hygienic and sterile way of insertion, the risk of infection is significantly decreased.

The catheters are supplied in individual, sterile, single-use packages and are free from aggressive softening agents (DEHP-free). The Curan Man is unique by its compact, attractive and elegant design and can be connected to any standard urine bag. Curan Man catheters are available in CH 12 and CH 14.


  • Ready to use
  • Discrete and compact design
  • Catheter length of 30 cm
  • Soft, polished eyelets
  • Sterile, single-use packages
  • EHP-free
  • Connectable to any standard urine bag
Curan Man
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Curan Man

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CM 12

12 30 30 cm


CM 14

14 30 30 cm