Urology Products

Urology deals with the urine-forming and dissipating urinary organs, like  kidneys, bladder, ureters and urethra. With an extensive product range in the incontinence sector, we offer our patients an optimal supply.


The intermittent self catheterization, ISK, describes the placing of a catheter for singular bladder emptying by the patient himself. Indications for the intermittent self catheterization include neurogenic bladder emptying disorders as a result of neurological diseases or injuries or damage to the nerves or the brain, as  multiple sclerosis, stroke, spina bifida and as a result of diabetes or a spinal cord injury. Other indications include replacement bladders (pouch), bladder overactivity in combination with medication (botulinim toxin) or outflow obstruction, e.g. benign prostate disease. The intermittent catheterization is also used by chronic urinary retention, skull or brain injuries and psychogenic disorders.


Leg bags are urine bags, that can be fixed during the day on the upper or lower leg and are discreetly worn under clothing. Mobile patients with foley catheters or urinary sheats can participate in usual everyday life using leg bags.

BeD Bags:

Bed bags and night bags are available with or without a drip chamber and can  be used in conjunction with an indwelling catheter or a urinary sheat. Bed bags have a capacity of at least 1500 ml and are equipped with a suspension or fixing device.


Foley catheters are sterile packed catheters and serve the time derivative of up to 6 weeks. The foley catheter is used when the bladder should be relieved over a longer period. An additional port (flushing balloon) makes it possible to insert specific medications to the bladder without breaking the connection between the catheter and the bag.